Nokia begins pushing business to switch to the Lumia 1520 with new ad

Nokia is releasing a series of new ads it would seem. Earlier today we saw one for the XL — an Android version recently added to the lineup — now the company is pushing the 1520 to business customers, touting the benefits to be had from this upgrade.

Wireless charging makes an early appearance in the video, but much more is insinuated. Included are maps for that business trip you have to take, easy messaging, Office integration, presentation controls and more. All of this is set to music, only showing what the device can do, not mixing things up with words to distract he viewer, who no doubt can get the point just fine.

The video runs just over one minute in length. It comes with the tagline “The world’s best business smartphone just got bigger. The Nokia Lumia business smartphone range takes productivity to new heights with the Nokia Lumia 1520″. You can check it out below.