Nokia handsets to get Lumia Cyan update, bundles Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia exclusives

Microsoft recently unwrapped Windows Phone 8.1, the latest operating system for its mobile phones. The platform offers a host of new features, including the voice assistant service, Cortana. While the operating system won’t be coming to your existing Windows Phone-powered handset until later this month or maybe early May, Nokia revealed some more information about its phones. First of all the name of the update. We had heard that the update will be called “Blue”, well, Nokia has added a bit of green to that blue, and decided to go with “Lumia Cyan”.

The Finnish giant has confirmed that all Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8 will also be getting the Lumia Cyan update. Nokia also said that Lumia devices will be getting some exclusive features. Thus, Lumia Cyan will bundle both Nokia’s new features and updates of Windows Phone 8.1.

In its event yesterday, the mobile manufacturer, which will soon get acquired by Microsoft, hinted at some of the exclusive features that we will get with Lumia Cyan. You can expect some update to the camera roll and Creative Studio app. Furthermore, the Nokia Storyteller app will also receive some improvements. Are you excited about the Lumia Cyan update? Let us know in the comments!