Official file manager app ‘Files’ is the top Windows Phone app right now

Earlier this month, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore did an AMA on Reddit where he answered a lot of important questions related to Windows Phone operating system. One of them was about the official file manager for Windows Phone devices, which he said would arrive by the end of May. 

Belfiore kept his promise and the official file manager app for Windows Phone made its debut on May 30th. The file manager, also known as Files in the Windows Phone Store, allows you to locally sort files on your Phone’s storage, either on the internal drive or on an SD Card. The app has the basic functionality you would require from a file manager – you can move, rename, copy and past files along with creating folders and other handy features. 

At the time of this post, Files has become the top Windows Phone app in the Windows Phone Store. This achievement can change as the weeks go by, as was evident with the Facebook Messenger app which rose to the top spot for a little while when it made its debut. Regardless, the Files app has proven to be quite popular among Windows Phone users.

Files has already seen over 3,000 reviews, with an average of 4.5 stars. If you have yet to grab the app, hit the download link below. It’s free!