Official Instagram app for Windows Phone 8 receives update, lets you tag people in photos

The highly anticipated Instagram app for Windows Phone 8 rolled out back in late-November – albeit a Beta version of the app. Today, Instagram has rolled out the first big update to the app, bumping the version number to and fixing a few things along the way.

Instagram, for those that didn’t know, is a popular online photo and video sharing social networking service. Instagram allows one to take pictures and videos and apply cool filters to them to create unique pictures, with the ability to share them to other social networking services like Facebook.

In this new update, bugs have been fixes and user interface improvements have been made. Instagram for Windows Phone 8 now features the ability to tag people in photos as well as the use photos in maps.

The app remains in Beta and there is no word on when “version 1” of the app will roll out. Hit the download link below to snag the updated app.

Thanks for the tip, Aakash!