OneDrive for Windows Phone now allows you to open files in other apps

Add OneDrive to the huge list of apps that have been updated over the last few hours. The online storage service from Microsoft has added a much demanded feature to its Windows Phone app.

Up until now, users weren’t able to open files from OneDrive through other apps. But after today’s update, you will be able to access files from OneDrive in other apps as well.  For instance, now you should be able to play files from your Drive folder with the Music app. 

Other than that, the update squashes several bugs and improves the performance of the app. In case you missed it, last month, OneDrive added compatibility for larger screen devices as well. So if you own a large sized phone – also known as a phablet – you can also use OneDrive on your device.

Visit the download link below to snag the updated version of the app.