Pick your winner in the Surface Classroom Design Challenge — and win a Surface 2!

Back in December, Microsoft launched the Surface Classroom Design Challenge. Participants were invited to design a new learning tool that would fit into the modern classroom. One month on, it’s time to pick a winner and you are invited to cast your vote. There is an impressive gallery to browse through, and you’re sure to find something that impresses you.

There isn’t long to go as voting ends on January 17, but you still have a few days to take a look through the designs and pick a favorite.

In the gallery you’ll find everything from a Surface backpack and a projector add-on to a Surface cover that doubles as a graphics tablet. Check back one January 18 to see who has been picked for the list of finalists.

Oh, and if you need a little incentive to take part — you could win a Surface 2 just for casting a vote! You can only vote once a day, but you can vote for more than one entry if you’re finding it hard to choose.