Surface Pro receives firmware update to fix Touch and Type Cover 2 issues

Today Surface Pro owners have a new firmware update to install. Yes, this is an update for the first generation Surface Pro, not Surface Pro 2. This time around, the update fixes issues with the Surface Type Cover 2 and Surface Touch Cover 2.

Users had experienced problems using the second generation Surface Covers with first generation Surface Pros, but this is addressed in the firmware update. Stability problems are fixed as well as issues with the trackpad.

Microsoft is not giving away many other details, but the Surface Type Cover 2 Firmware jumps to version, while the Surface Touch Cover 2 Firmware reaches version

If you’re not familiar with the update process — after all, there are plenty of new Surface owners after Christmas — Microsoft has provided full details about how to go about it in case automatic updates don’t work for some reason:

  • Open PC Settings, by swiping in from right edge (or, if using a mouse, point to upper-right corner of screen)
  • Tap or click Settings
  • Tap or click Change PC settings
  • Under PC settings, tap or click Windows Update
  • Tap or click Check for Updates

Get updating!