The top five free, paid, and trending Windows Phone apps as of April 27th

The Windows Phone Store is home to over 250,000 apps worldwide. Let’s take a look at the Windows Phone Store and see which apps are at the top of the charts when it comes to the free, paid, and trending categories. You might even discover your new favorite app!

Currently in the Windows Phone Store, the top-five free apps are Nokia Creative Studio, Video, Facebook, OneDrive, and Weather. The top-five paid apps are Windows Phone Explorer, Metrotube, WP Themes, WPCentral, and Flashlight+. The top-five best rated apps are Flixster, Camera360, Sleep, Jalali Calendar, and Preview for Developers. The top-five trending apps are Transparency Tile, Music+, Aerize Explorer, Tilesparency, and Windows Phone Explorer.

We’re getting quite a few new “transparency” apps that aim to make your tiles transparent on Windows Phone 8.1. This is all thanks to Windows Phone 8.1’s ability to set a Start Screen background. Having a transparent tile allows you to see your background. It also comes as no surprise to see Preview for Developers make it to the top-five best rated list, as this app allows you to install the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview.

Let’s highlight some apps that were sent to us via the Windows Phone developer community:

Windows Phone Explorer ($1.99) – This app allows you to explore your files on your Windows Phone 8.1 device. The functionality is basic and features support for OneDrive. The functionality is very basic as it allows you to open files, save file to your local phone storage, delete files, and browse files and folders. 

No word if new features will be added soon, but this app seems to have quite a large following already with high ratings in the Windows Phone Store. This app is also the top-paid app, at the time of this post.

Sky Blaze (free) – “Dawnbreak Studios presents a fast paced arcade game with graphics never seen before on a mobile screen! Smash rockets to create stunning firework explosions across the sky,” the app description reads.

Sky Blaze features a beautiful visual style never seen before and a unique modern soundtrack. Put on your headphones and get ready to dance! Swipe green rockets while avoiding the red ones. Blue rockets builds combos to maximize your high score and yellow ones starts small minigames. Compete with your friends in the online scoreboard or locally on your phone.

The game features two modes, and more game modes can be unlocked via in-app purchase. The app developer claims that this is not mandatory and that payments should be fair. Therefore, the in-app purchase is based on how generous you feel and not based on a fixed price.

Witch Potion (free) – “Get ready to make potions! Exclusively on Windows Phone 8! A black magic surrounded the realm and is hurting the adorable creatures! Solve the puzzles, make potions and help them!” the app description reads.

The game requires you to solve 120 challenging puzzles to help 8 different creatures. Each chapter of the game introduces new challenges and new game elements. The goal of the game is to minimize the number of moves you take to maximize your score.

“Find yourself being challenged in ever-changing MATCH-2 puzzle game – Witch Potion! Combine blood drops, rotten eggs, horse shoes and more to make potions to help poor creatures including Yeti, Ogre, Mermaid, Pegasus and many more! Be a part of a fabulous adventure!” the app description adds.

Surv (free) – “Built specifically for the windows phone, Surv allows you to create and participate in quick polls on things that interest you. You can ask fun “What would you rather” questions, get the community’s feedback on something you are trying to decide on, or get the public opinion on a specific topic. You can also send a private poll to a friend to get their opinion,” the app description reads.

This social app works in two ways. First, you can ask a question, tag your question in a category, and add up to three choices. You can even attach an image via your camera roll or by taking a new photo. Second, you can choose to post the poll publicly, or privately with your friends.

WinGym (free) – This app is a fully featured fitness app that allows you to learn over 130 different exercises, along with the ability to manage sets for the exercises in routine. Here are the key features of this app:

  • You can add custom exercises (with photos) and use them in your routines.
  • More than 130 exercises, with photos and descriptions (more exercises will be added soon).
  • We have exercises for girls.
  • You can manage sets for the exercises in routine.
  • We have additional information about gym trainings, warm-up, diet, sport diet and etc.
  • Notification for routines. You will never forget about your training!
  • Detailed statistics for the body params (biceps sizes, waist, weight and etc).
  • Graphical representations for your progress. 

This app is free for a limited time, as it has just made its debut in English markets. With this app, you can create your own exercises and use them in your training routine. You can take photos, write descriptions for you custom exercises. In a future version of this app, the developer plans on integrating the ability to share exercises with others. 

Stay tuned for next week’s Windows Phone Store app highlights. Do you have any Windows Phone apps to share? 

  • StarEy3

    How did Witch Potion make it into this list? That game is bad, compared to most, but better than a minority

    • Aaditya Menon

      but the exclusivity of the app on WP platform might make WP even more popular……………….

    • Dargo

      Witch Potion is a great game actually. Don’t know how long have you played so far. I love it and I think it is one of the best ones in it’s category.

  • Sargon

    “Pocket Explorer” appears to be better than “Windows Phone Explorer”, nevertheless I’m very glad to see many more file explorers appearing for 8.1

  • Aaditya Menon

    great that there are exclusive apps in the WP platform………………

  • Keshav Pandey

    The UI and simplicity of Windows Phone apps simply steal the show sometimes :P

  • BONGA Software

    I’m the developer behind Windows Phone Explorer. Let me tell you just this – It’s not the top paid app. I’ve made nothing off it and don’t want it. In fact, if you buy it – consider it as a donation until I get around to disabling ads for paid mode. This is a DEV PREVIEW. You can use it.. not everything is going to work.

    Paid and free have the same functionality. Paid just gives you no ads, someday when I get to it. As far as I can tell, No one has bought it. So I’m super-curious where this data came from.

    And those screenshots were so two weeks ago…..

    We’re a little dev-shop (me, who is super-experienced dev, and my cohort who isnt…) so sorry. Once we get everything in it (Compression, Password-Protected Files, BT Sharing, SMB Browser, DLNA Browser) we will consider it 1.0 and then do a beta. This is all done in my free time, with him shadowing me to learn. He’s little.

    • Aaditya Menon

      I hope your app becomes a success in the WP store…………

      • BONGA Software

        A success? Probably not. Great? Yes. I have competition. And motivation. It will always be the best. Just wait for what we have in store.

    • BONGA Software

      I write operating system code. I am doing this because the end result will be like nothing you’ve seen.

      I offered the ability to purchase because people hate ads. If you buy, no ads. Just like I said. You gain nothing else. I’m not going to be a millionaire off this. I have a real dev job – this is just something I want to do. Be the best file manager. Don’t knock it. Just give me feedback :). I am super responsive!

      • BONGA Software

        And the screenshots winbeta picked are old. It’s not that ugly. The next update allows you to compress, decompress and open compressed files on-the-fly. The one has multi-file-select for cut/copy/paste/compress on local storage and OneDrive. Also password-protected (AES encrypted) files and folders

        I don’t want the money. This is a dork project. If you hate ads, buy it. It will be 1.0 once wp8.1 rolls out to the masses. I’m not saying don’t…Excellence has always been achieved by those who dared believe that something inside them is superior to circumstances. Believe in yourself.

        • BogenDorpher

          Those screenshots are from the app description page. Perhaps you should update it then with current screenshots.

      • dingl_

        He’s not saying he doesn’t want the app… He is saying hes not developing for the money. the small payment eliminates ads… ads which would otherwise pay for developer license renewal, development time etc

      • Dingus

        Hiswona! Either develop your own or leave the professionals alone. Be thankful for what BONGA has done. Dont feel entitled just because you pay 99cents for an app. Lots of people make apps as a pet project and the app will get better over time.That’s what BONGA is trying to say.

  • Терёхин Иван

    Hooray, our app is here. =)

  • Abster

    Sky Blaze’s “pay what you want” model for IAPs is a refreshing change and not something I’ve seen before on WP. That in itself makes me want to check it out to see whether it’s worth purchasing the additional modes. Good to see devs experimenting instead of sticking to the same tired old model we’ve seen countless times already.

  • Aaditya Menon

    Check these out – “Get once ,download on all compatible Windows Phones too” . Is this what Microsoft calls a unified OS Experience…………

  • Терёхин Иван

    Now WinGym is paid. 1.99$