Windows Phone 8.1 lets you pin a website to your Start Screen as a Live Tile

One key feature that comes with Internet Explorer in Windows Phone 8.1 is the ability to pin a website to the Start Screen. Similar to Internet Explorer on Windows 8.1, you can hit the settings button and select “Pin to Start” to pin your favorite site to your home screen for quick access. 

Lets try this out right now, shall we? Head over to on your Windows Phone 8.1 device and pin the site to the Start Screen. Instead of a static tile that links you to the website, you will get a Live Tile that showcases the latest news. How cool is that? This feature is similar to the functionality on Windows 8.1. Try this out on other websites to see if it works – it requires the site to impliment Live Tile support for Windows 8, which WinBeta has supported since day one.

As you can see from the image below, once you pin a site that has Live Tile support to your Start Screen, you will be given a Live Tile that can be small, standard, or wide. The Live Tile at the very bottom of the screenshot (on the left side of the HERE Maps tile) showcases in action as a Live Tile.

How do you like this feature?

Thanks for the tip, amnesia!