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Intel 25nm SSD 320 Review

AnandTech takes a look at Intel's latest 320 series of SSDs. The major differentiating factor between the 320 series and the high end 510 series of Intel SSDs is that the 320 makes use of an Intel dev... keep reading

Intel Xeon E3-1280 Sandy Bridge Benchmarks

Intel's Sandy Bridge processor has proven to be a strong performer in both the desktop and laptop space. ServeTheHome takes an in depth look at the Xeon E3-1280 version of Sandy Bridge running at 3.5... keep reading

Intel SSD 510 Review (250GB) takes an in-depth look at Intel's new line of SSDs using Marvell's latest SSD controller. This is the same controller that can be found on the Corsair Performance 3 SSDs. Intel's suc... keep reading

Nokia and Microsoft deal hurts Intel

Rumors were floating around that Nokia and Microsoft were in discussions about possibly forming a partnership. Well, they formed that partnership. But now, Intel is claiming that this partnership will... keep reading

Intel discovers Sandy Bridge chipset flaw

Intel's latest generation of chipsets supporting the new Sandy Bridge processors suffer from a potentially serious flaw where the SATA ports could degrade over time: Intel discovered a design issue in... keep reading

Microsoft Presses Intel for 16-core Atom Chip

Microsoft has asked Intel to develop a 16-core version of its low-power Atom chip for use in servers, part of a wider effort to reduce power consumption in its massive data centers, a Microsoft execut... keep reading

Intel VP: Windows must adapt to tablet age

The rise of Apple's iPad and Android tablets has largely left Intel and Microsoft in the dust, in need of technology and marketing boosts to halt the momentum of Apple and Google. Because Intel and Mi... keep reading

Intel to put Windows 8 on phones

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: During Intel's latest financials conference call, CEO Paul Otellini discussed plans to put Windows 8 onto phones. Wait … did he say Windows 8? Where does that leave the Windows... keep reading